Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Leadership studies are an evolving discipline, and the concept of leadership will continue to develop.

For the purpose of this book, we will focus on a single definition that delineates the essential elements of the leadership process: Leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purposes.

Understand how leadership is often contingent on people and situations.

  • Apply Hersey and Blanchard's situational theory of leader style to the level of follower readiness.
  • Apply Fiedler's contingency model to key relationships among leader style, situational favorability, and group task performance.
  • Explain the path–goal theory of leadership.
  • Use the Vroom–Jago model to identify the correct amount of follower participation in specific decision situations.
  • Know how to use the power of situational variables to substitute for or neutralize the need for leadership.

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