Acting Classes (Children 5-11)

 Acting Classes (Children 5-11)

The need for starting early cannot be over-emphasized when the success recorded by others who did so is taken into consideration.

From Beginning to Advanced Classes, this training course covers eight (6) weeks.

It equips children and their parents with the knowledge of how to build a lifestyle of acting in a fun and engaging way.

It covers eight weeks of two (1) hour weekly. It also includes training for parents pertaining all they need to know with a working child actor.

Our acting classes are a place where kids can grow in skill and confidence, where they will be supported and encouraged to express themselves and let their awesome, unique and special gifts and personalities shine! Our acting classes provide kids with the tools to improve their skills and confidence as well as to express themselves and let their awesome, unique, and special gifts shine.

The program teaches children about acting for film and television, reads scripts from real Hollywood feature films and television shows, prepares them for auditions, and lets them play acting games while learning to take direction and have fun at the same time. In addition to preparing kids for life in the film/TV industry, we also teach them self-confidence, relationship skills, and life skills.

Our passion is making our acting classes exciting and creative, and we want to instill a real affection for the craft of acting in our students. We work hard to help our students reach their full potential as actors, and we believe that anyone can become one with dedication and hard work. Classes are for kids ages 5-11 (younger kids can attend if they are very mature). Kids 12+ will attend the teen classes.

$350.00 6 Weeks

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