Sandra Dee Richardson

Sandra Dee Richardson is a certified business consultant, marketing professional, and professional trainer. After working for three decades with several businesses, she transferred her skills from employee to employer by opening her own small business in 2007. She incorporated Rich Empire Business Consulting, Inc., in 2020. Known for her ability to turn businesses into customer-focused, profit-driven entities and her effective, high-energy, and well-prepared teaching methods, coupled with her corporate values of integrity, excellence, experience, passion, and competence, Rich Empire is destined to be a leading consulting company in the United States. 

The skilled and passionate staff at Rich Empire provides digital marketing, web design, new business start-up services, business plans, and more. They are motivated by exceptional leadership to guide employees to work together as a team to achieve a shared goal. These values reflect Rich Empire's growth, business relationships, and customer relationships.

Philanthropic work has always been a part of Sandra Richardson's life and took shape when she volunteered to assist homeless, abused women, human-trafficking survivors, disaster relief victims, and veterans with finding shelter and other needed resources. 

Sandra is also open to working for a business or organization. With years of experience in marketing and training, she is a good fit and adds value. Her resume gives a good summary of her accomplishments.

She holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, emphasizing marketing. In addition, Sandra has numerous awards that range from creative marketing to acting and production. She enjoys traveling, fishing, swimming, water and snow skiing, jet skiing, filming, and writing screenplays.

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